Bridge the GAP

We are dedicated to helping students get back on track.

Bridge the Gap is a program endorsed and supported by school districts. We promise that we will help close learning gaps and bring students up to grade level.

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We empower students to
thrive academically and
become independent learners.

Why Excelsior
Online Education?

About Us

Our Excelsior Education team and Bridge the Gap online program deliver after school learning support for students who are experiencing learning gaps. Our leadership team is comprised of experienced educators who value our teaching partners and appreciate how they inspire meaningful learning opportunities for others. Above all, we believe learning (and teaching) should be fun!

Our Approach

Bridge The Gap utilizes a creative online programming tool along with exceptional teachers to help students close detrimental achievement gaps. Our synchronous, online sessions are designed to be fun and incorporate educational strategy games to target students’ executive functioning skills.

Quarantine Learning Support